Spectacles – Shows

Helene Engel and her bands deliver a steady stream of captivating performances:

“Voyage” showcases timeless and modern Jewish traditions with a dash of humor and nostalgia.

Fêtes des Neiges” celebrates winter holidays with songs from around the globe in their original languages.

“Convergences” unites musicians from three continents, weaving Mediterranean, klezmer, and Indian rhythms into a mesmerizing experience.


Songs and from various Jewish tradition carry us back to the melodies of the Golden Age of Spain, and moving on to the music of a more modern Europe. These songs in Jewish-Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish, French and English convey a biblical heritage kept alive through the centuries and across many lands, as well as presenting more actual issues. From joy to sadness, from hope to despair – the whole range of human emotions finds expression in the rhythms of the cycle of Jewish life. Holiday or commemoration, seasons are marked by a song for each occasion, and stamped with the many shades and colors of exile.

1. **French-Jewish Harmony**

Old and modern Jewish and non-Jewish songs in French, reflecting Jewish life. Includes translated folk songs and multilingual tunes.

2. **Songs of Empowerment**

Diverse women’s songs, spanning chansons and global folk music. From sweet melodies to anthems of strength and hope.

3. **Sing Along and Smile**

Children’s songs in various languages, offering joy, wonder, and engagement for all ages.

4. **Seductive Sephardic Serenades**

Experience the passion and dreams of Sephardic romances from Spain and the Middle East, awash in purple and gold.

5. **Yiddish Heartstrings**

Explore Yiddish songs from shtetls, from Vilna to Brooklyn, balancing tenderness, irony, tragedy, and humor.

6. **Global Folkscapes**

Embark on a worldwide musical journey with folk songs from France, Russia, Eastern Europe, America, Quebec, the Middle East, and Africa.

7. **C’est La Vie in Music**

Philosophical reflections set to music.

8. **French and Quebecois Echoes**

Unearth the shared culture of France and Quebec through their songs, reflecting their love for argument, passion, gourmet cuisine, and music.